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Paneurhythmia is a set of exercises performed to the sound of occult music , which stimulates the most 'spiritual' cells in the body. Both the movements and the music were created by the Bulgarian spiritual master Pétar Dânov (or Beinsa Dunó , his initiatory name), in the first decades of the 20th century. Its function is to prepare humanity for a new spiritual springtime. 

The word is composed of three elements: pan - i - rhythm , which mean respectively:


PAN - universal

I - harmony

RHYTHM  – periodicity, rhythm


Paneurhythmy is, then, the rhythm of universal harmony. 


By consciously dancing it, we reproduce movements like those of the stars, like those of vegetables when they open to the light and bloom, gestures of Living Nature that tune us to her and open us to receive her blessings.

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