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Traces of Light: Sufi Initiatory Words

A treasure of Sufi brotherhoods, the wisdom (Hikam) was taught in the great Islamic universities from Qarawiyyin, in Fez (Morocco), to Al-Azhar, in Cairo (Egypt). Born from the spiritual institutions of Sufi masters such as Ibn 'Atâ" Allâh (d.1309), these gems of wisdom marry paradox and profound evidence to better initiate us into the mysteries of divine love.


Renewing this great spiritual and literary tradition, Faouzi Skali, author of La Voie Soufie and member of a brotherhood, rereads these Hikams as different points of reference on the path of spiritual experience. Initiatory stories and poems accompany the reader in the discovery of this universal wisdom. 


Author: Faouzi Skali
Publisher: D'Livros
Size: 110x160 mm 
Pages: 128
Edition: 1st edition 2013

Traces of Light: Sufi Initiatory Words

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