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Organized in manual form, the book includes the three parts of the sacred dance of Paneurythmy — whose name means “supreme cosmic rhythm”: the 28 exercises, known as the “small cycle of Paneurythmy”, Sunbeams and Pentagram, presenting the meaning and the detailed description of all movements. 

Despite having been created in the last century, Paneurythmy could not be more current. It invites us to synchronize with the new cosmic frequency that is arriving on our planet. It is a call to feel, reflect and set in motion the energy of Love, Solidarity, Compassion and Generosity, which aims at the integration of the human being and the unity of all beings. 

The book is accompanied by an Audio CD and a “Score” supplement with the original music by Peter Danov for the dances, with an arrangement made especially for this edition. 

Peter Danov is a Bulgarian spiritual teacher and has worked in Paneurythmy for over 20 years. 


Author: Peter Danov
Publisher: Anhembi Morumbi
Size: 24x17cm
Pages: 192


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