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The Life of the Sun on Earth

The bilingual children's book written by Verá Kanguá and Papa Miri Poty, Indians of the Guarani tribe, focuses on the myth of the brothers Kuaray and Jaxy, who after living on Earth become the Sun and the Moon respectively.

The characters of nature color the narrative of this work, which rescues the tradition and culture of the Guarani Indians. Furthermore, the myth gains greater veracity with the paintings made by one of the Guarani authors, Papa Miri Poty.

As Papa Miri Poty explains, they are child and adult characters created by their ancestors, passed down, to this day, orally by the elders. The decision to write this book and translate it into Portuguese, according to Papa, “is so that whites can travel in the magical Guarani world”.


Authors: Verá Kanguá e Papa Miri Poty 

Paintings: Papa Miri Poty

Publisher: Anhembi Morumbi
Size: 20x20cm
Pages: 48


The Life of the Sun on Earth

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