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Nhamandu Werá - Sunshine

CD with traditional songs from Aldeia Guarani Tekoa Marangatu – SC

Realization: University Studies Center at Anhembi University – Morumbi
Production: Maracá Cultura Brasileira 

“The word of love for the peace of humanity in search of fraternity” 

The Guarani, natives of this land now called Brazil, have resisted colonization for 500 years, keeping their culture alive until today. 

The group Nhamandu Werá - Brilho do Sol, from the Tekoá Marangatu village, located in Imaruí, in the municipality of Laguna, in Santa Catarina, recorded their songs sung at the prayer house, unpublished and unknown by the population, on CD._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

They are willing to divulge their songs to humanity as a way of expanding their culture, thus being able to keep it alive for future generations.

TEKOÁ MARANGATU Village of Imaruí de Lagunas - SC 

musicians and singers
Leader – Timóteo Oliveira – Karai Mirim
Voice and mbaracá – Leandro Fernandes – Kuaray Mirim 
Voice and drum – Afonso Cláudio – Tukumbó
Voice and guitar – Nico de Oliveira – Verá Mirim
Fiddle – Narcizo de Oliveira – Nhe'ery
Voice – Mariza de Oliveira – Pará Mirim
Voice – Carmem Oliveira – Ywa'i
Voice – Celita Oliveira – Para'i 

1) Nhanderu Tenonde – Our God, the first
2) Nande ropy'i – Our house of prayer
3) Nhamandu Mirim – Little Sun God
4) Kyringue'i – The Children
5) Xondáro i kuery – Warrior of Peace
6) Nhamandu Jogueru – When the Sun God comes
7) Tekoa Marangatu – Village of Harmony
8) Xondáro'i Xondária'i – Guardians and Guardians
9) Ywa a porã – Sacred fruit
10) Nhanderu ete – Our true Father
11) Nha Monhendu – Let's play
12) Nhamandu Vera – Sunshine
13) Nhande Rekoa – Our village
14) Nhande ruvixa – Our Master
15) Tangará – Dance of the Tangará Bird
16) Tupa Mirim – Little God
17) Xondáro Instrumental 


Idealization and pre-production: Giovanna Guimarães
Production / musical direction: Renata Amaral
Graphic design: André Hosoi and Edu Marin
Executive Production: Patrícia Ferraz 

Recorded in June 2003 at Estúdio Pôr do Som by Beto Mendonça
Mixed at Estúdio Maracá by Ernani Napolitano

Nhamandu Werá - Sunshine

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