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Face to face of hearts: Sufism today

To the question: What does Sufism consist of?
Abou Saïd Ibn Abi Ikair replied:
What's in your head, leave it.
What you have in your hand, give.
What comes to you, does not evade.



Sufism is the mystical tradition of Islam, a revealed religion that brings humanism and peace. Sometimes misunderstood by certain formalistic religious authorities, the Sufis have always lived their faith with humility and discretion, respecting the plurality of thought and affirming the need for a diversity of paths according to each one's aspirations.


Sufism is not a school, not a doctrine, it is a state of being. He is the heart of Islam!


A great spiritual tradition, an invitation to hospitality and tolerance. What if today Sufism was Islam's chance?


Faouzi Skali  is a doctor in Ethnology and History of Religions, professor at the Normal School of Fez (Morocco) and director of the Festival of Sufi Culture and Sacred Music of the World that takes place every year in this city. He published La Voie Soufie (The Sufi Way) in the Albin Michel editions.


Author: Faouzi Skali
Publisher: D'Livros
Size: 110x160 mm 
Pages: 142
Edition: 1st edition 2013

Face to face of hearts: Sufism today

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