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The Mother The World and you all

Author: Leila Chellabi

Translation: Danielle Ortiz Blanchard

A book of French literature, published by Editora Anhembi Morumbi, whose original title is La mère, le mond et vous tous. The text in verse translates the aspirations that permeate everyone's life and soul.

Soul still very veiled and that is,
In this state, only psychological aggregates,
Psyche with difficulty in life and being.

Ideal for moments of reflection; inspires and warms the heart.

Every child is a
Rare, unique pearl deposited in the
Solo by the Mother of the world. At the
Maternal receptacle, the child 
Bloom your future vehicles 
Like flowers, whose every
Perfume, capable of infinite travel,
It will be able to reconnect the
Subtle planes you will have access to. 

At the accelerated speed at which we are insistently driven to live, 
Mother The World and all of you, allows the silent reflection of divine moments, such as birth, evolution, and the encounter with Love, which belong to the truly essential events of life.

May the force support you and
May love assist them
I have said!


Publisher: Anhembi Morumbi
Size: 16x11cm
Pages: 208

The Mother The World and you all

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