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The Rose of Jericho

The Jericho rose (selaginella pilifera), also known as the resurrection flower, is a desert plant that grows in the sands of Egypt, Arabia, Syria and Mexico. For long periods, these 'roses' live in desert regions, growing and reproducing like any other plant, until the environment no longer favors a proper existence.


When that time comes, the flowers and dry leaves die and fall, lose their own moisture and the dry branches curl inward, forming a ball. They take their roots out of the ground and allow the desert winds to carry them across the desert, until one day they reach a damp place where they can continue to grow and propagate. The ball stretches again, opens completely on the ground and deposits its seeds, which germinate.


As soon as they come in contact with water, the young, dry looking plants quickly begin to flower. It can be said that they 'feel' what to do during this process, as they do not necessarily stay in the first place they stop but investigate the nature of the place to see if it is suitable for growth. There, they can stay and grow, or they can move several times.

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