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Cultural Space Tangará Mirim

Located in Imbassaí, on the north coast of Bahia, 10 km from Praia do Forte and 77km away from Salvador, surrounded by forest, river and waterfall, Tangará Mirim is a space designed to hold retreats, experiences, therapy sessions, yoga practices, courses and circle dances.

An environment that brings together the cultural diversity within Brazil and other countries. These elements are present not only in the activities which take place, but also in the furniture and the decoration.

The construction, previously a horse farm, was refurbished in 2010, was conceptualized by Davi Bastos, an architect from Bahia. Planned in a sustainable way, it has solar heating and counts on planting and the reuse of rainwater.


The facilities have 8 double bedrooms (a total capacity for 16 people), one of them has a mini kitchen with a refrigerator and a stove. A living room with a massage table for sessions or massage courses, a room with a TV for courses, group dynamics and workshops. A lounge with double ceiling height, plenty of space for air to circulate through hollow wooden doors (which can also  be removed completely leaving the area fully open), a stage in the hall, a reception area, and a kiosk where meals can be eaten and courses and group dynamics can be held.


The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, an oven and an industrial stove, as well as a steam cooker, a freezer, a microwave, various utensils and a laundry room.

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