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Danças Circulares


image: CEU AUM file ( Encounter )

"The wheel participates in the perfection suggested by the circle, but with a certain valence of imperfection, because it refers to the world of becoming, of continuous creation, of contingency and the valley of the perishable. It symbolizes cycles, restarts, renewals. "  



Circular Dances are basically circle dances, collected from different parts of the world at different times. There are very old dances that are passed from generation to generation and others choreographed recently. What characterizes these dances is the community spirit they promote. They can be dances for celebration or greeting.

Circle Dances merge with ethnic dances and can even be considered synonymous. Participating in dances of different "ethnicities" is a way to get to know and relive the feelings of the people to which the dance belongs. It is a way of affirming the identity of a people, spreading its culture in a peaceful and solidary way. "When the dance of all peoples is danced, a new universal cultural identity is created, where the idea of the Unity of the world is lived, and where peace is incessantly worked." (Rodrigues, GHCB Change in Sacred Circular Dances, Triom SP, 1998)

Group dance, with its cadenced and rhythmic sequence, provides greater order, harmony and individual and collective joy.

image: CEU AUM file ( Encounter )

Dancing for Peace 


UNESCO defines a culture of peace as the set of values, attitudes, traditions, behaviors and ways of life based on a series of aspects, such as, for example, respect for life, the principle of sovereignty, human rights, the promotion of equality between men and women and freedom of expression; the commitment to peacefully resolve conflicts; the efforts made to respond to planetary needs; promoting the development of and among peoples. 

The word Peace according to the dictionary means tranquility of the soul. This is what people who are part of the Dançando Pela Paz project are looking for, which is developed with the aim of promoting a culture of peace using circular dances as an instrument. The Project promotes weekly meetings, workshops and seminars of circle dances celebrating the rhythms of ethnic groups from all over the world. One of the purposes of circular dances is to promote the integration of different cultures, by dancing in these circles, we learn to support each other, to look at each other, to express the purest love that we have inside us, and that is often dormant. ; to use creativity, expression, trust, respect, solidarity, compassion, cooperation in everyday life. In this sense, the dances are circular to celebrate respect for the diversity and customs of peoples, sharing Peace. 



  • Promote the culture of peace using circular dances as an instrument.

  • Through the integration of different cultures, reaffirm and promote Peace;

  • Use dances as a means of personal human development and group integration;

  • Develop respect and appreciation of differences, and at the same time experience the interdependence of the group through dance;

  • Strengthening personal balance, the spirit of cooperation and solidarity;

  • Awakening the participants to the responsibility of each one in the construction of cultural, ethical and moral values focused on respect for life, solidarity, fraternal coexistence, citizenship and a sense of the collective. 

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