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To research, promote and disseminate man and nature`s knowledge systems and cultural expressions developed by cultural groups from different parts of the world. The objective is for the dialogue between cultures to lead to a cross-cultural experience: If there isn't a  privileged place where one can appreciate other cultures, the meeting of cultures can lead to the opening of a place which crosses and transcends them. 

The World Cultures Gathering aspires to assist in the construction of planetary ethics, in which earth is recognized as man's homeland. We believe that the craving for power and control and man's competitive way of surviving should give way to the search for harmony, beauty, spirit, the welfare of the community and selfless acts towards the development of our planet.


Actions include the creation of moments and places that celebrate the unity of life, promoting the excellence of life and the understanding between human beings. 


The first edition of the World Cultures Gathering took place in 2017, together with the Multi-Ethnic Gathering and the XI International Gathering of Music and Dance from around the world at the Tangará Mirim Cultural Space in Imbassaí - Bahia. 

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