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Love Wisdom Truth

Love Wisdom Truth


The book is comprised of thoughts that I have collected from lectures given by the master Beinsa Douno/Peter Deunov. With a few exceptions, the thoughts are laid out in the order that I have read and selected from the lectures. They may look like jumping from one type of idea to another, but that’s how they were often given by the master in the lectures. In my opinion, in short, this teaching in the book is a compass and a road map to the Kingdom of God. Of course not everything is said in the book, but the most important Divine principles are.

Our job is to do the walk, i.e., to apply them. This teaching gives knowledge of how to ennoble yourself, how to become a good, loving, and righteous person; it gives knowledge about Divine Love, Wisdom, and Truth. The goal of the master is to make us think and love. I have tried my best to translate the meaning and the “spirit” of the Divine ideas that the master Beinsa Douno gave.

I have used the word “man” to refer to both men and women, as it is used in the Bible, “God created man, both male and female,” to keep the book in accordance with spirituality.

In his lectures the master oftentimes used symbols and examples to describe certain ideas so that they can become easier to understand. He was also taking into account the culture and the level of development of the people (the Bulgarians) whom he was teaching at that specific time – from the5 beginning of the twentieth century up to the end of 1944 when he passed away. But the fundamentals of the Divine ideas are the same and they apply equally for each and every person, nation, and culture; and some of those fundamental Divine ideas that I collected are the ones that I am sharing with you. This is a teaching of Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice/Righteousness, and Virtue.

This is a teaching fundamentally based on Christianity, explained and developed in more details. In order to get the most of the thoughts and the ideas, you have to analyze each thought well enough. Do not rush; try them out, thus you will discover the riches in them. By doing this you will slowly transform your way of thinking and character for the better. It is very important to start small. Better read and understand deeply one idea a day; but learn it very well. Learning one idea at a time is better than a dozen and forgetting about them soon thereafter.

I have taken from each lecture anywhere from one to a few thoughts. The master was giving usually one lecture a week for the general class. So even if you completely absorb the meaning of a few ideas a week, you will be doing just as well as his best followers at that time. Reasoning over the ideas and putting them into practice is what will give you the most fruits. You might not be able to understand the meaning of every thought right away, but that should not discourage you because some of them require more knowledge and will take you6 more time to comprehend. But once you understand them you will be glad you put the efforts to find the treasure hidden in them. Sometimes the students asked the master, “What we have learned so far?” (Maybe they were disappointed that they didn’t get the knowledge of how to make from one thousand loaves of bread from one, or how to perform miracles.) To that the master replied, “You have learned the 9 signs, but the last one you will get when you deny yourself from private property.

* The invisible world does not reveal its secrets just to anyone, but only to those who are ready. Some people today may ask if the master Beinsa Douno performed miracles to verify that he was a master. The answer is, yes he made many miracles, but only when he considered it right. One can find that the knowledge Beinsa Douno gives in the lectures sometimes looks like we already know it, or looks very simple, but in my opinion, right there we often miss getting the most out of it because we do not apply it in our daily lives, and do not make the ideas part of our character or part of our principles. One very useful advice from the master - “Go out and read the best books in the world.”

There are two people that I would like to thank for their sincere help: Rita Hart who helped me with the editing and the translation, and Russell Bowman who helps me distribute/sell this book and the book7 “The Might of Love” at Thunderbolt bookstore 512 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica CA the only bookstore that is selling the book at the moment. Brothers, sisters, and friends, thank you for your purchase of this book. If you are satisfied with it, I would like you to give positive feedback on (just type in the title of the book and the name of the master, Beinsa Douno, in the search area) and rate five stars. This is very, very important to me. Or if you do not have an account with, please email me your comment (feedback) at: will mean a lot to me. I would be very grateful to you if you do that. Also share it with your friends. It could be the best gift they ever received.

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