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XIV Gathering of World Cultures

XIV Gathering of World Cultures

"We should become aware again that music is not a simple adornment, but a foundation of life and, therefore, understanding music helps us to understand our existence." Alicja Gescinska

The Center for Universal Studies, a non-profit association that guides its actions and research based on Art, Science and Spirituality, at a planetary level, will hold the XIV Gathering of World Cultures, to celebrate culture diversity! Confirmed Activities: - Workshop on Music and Dance of the Desert of Morocco, with the women's group Bnat Issawa Asmae Gouchi - Workshop on Percussion and Dances from Guinea Conakry, with Mariama Câmara - Workshop on Dances from Maranhão, with the Menezes Family - Indigenous Dances and Music, with the Fulni-ô Indigenous people (Pernambuco) - Sufi Music (Turkey) with The Yaman Trio - Guarani Songs, with Tainara Takua - Sound Therapy, with Marcus Simon - Ciranda, with Penha (Paraíba) - Brazilian Music, with The Mboraí Marae Trio - Stretching and Movement, with Betty Gervitz - Meditation of the Chakras, with Paulo Machado And much more! Come dance with us! Sign up on Sympla (click here) or by whatsapp: +55 (11) 99912-1208 and +55 (71) 98130-0990 First batch - until 09/15/2022: BRL 550.00 Second batch - until 11/15/2022: BRL 750.00 Third batch - BRL 950.00 Get more information at: Coordination: Glaucia Rodrigues and Alexa Leirner Musical coordinator: Carlinhos Antunes About the place: The Tangará Mirim Cultural Space is located on the North Coast of Bahia, in the midst of nature, close to beaches, the river and the waterfall of Imbassaí. Our commitment is to the free expression of cultural manifestations and initiatives that promote health, well-being and art. How to get there: We are 10 km from Praia do Forte, in the Tourist Zone of Costa dos Coqueiros. The main access is via the Linha Verde, which connects Salvador to the beaches on the North Coast of Bahia. (see here on Google Maps) *Check our cancellation policy. **All schedules are subject to change.

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