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Poder do Amor

Poder do Amor


The Might of Love (Darin Stoytchev)


Put Love to be an engine of your thoughts, feelings, and deeds in order to succeed in your good wishes. Make small experiments with applying Love to try out the powers and possibilities that are hidden in it. Making small experiments, not big, produces great incentive in you. Sow a kernel of wheat and you will reap 30, 60, and more bushels of wheat. Everyone bears untold riches in his beautiful soul.

If you don’t use the Love key to reveal them and become rich, you bear the responsibility for that. The Master says, “Say one good, gentle word to the man and God’s blessing will begin to flow.” Do a little good for somebody every day, thus you let Love flow through you. When you become a conductor of Love you help first yourself.

(Most of the thoughts in the Foreword are also by Beinsa Douno/Peter Deunov, though not taken word for word; some sentences are with minor changes.) If you like this book you may want to check the book I published in 2011 “Love Wisdom Truth” also by Beinsa Douno. To get a free copy of the e-books “Love Wisdom Truth” and “The Might of Love” email to: Enjoy your reading.

Darin Stoytchev

In Love, in the Divine world, everything is positive.

People who have Love can be contented with just a little.

He, who loves, gives the way to the God in himself.

Outside of Love everything is a lie.

Love penetrates all of existence.

People talk about Love but still suffer.

Discontentedness, illnesses, and hate - show that you are outside of Love.

Love must be applied, not just extolled. If your heart doesn’t beat with love it is worth nothing.

Love must permeate in your subconscious. Only in Love there is life.

Love for God and love for your neighbor are the two great laws that rule the world.

Love radiates lofty life.

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