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Psychotherapy with a body approach

(calatonia and subtle touches)

Calatonia and Subtle Touches were developed by physician and psychotherapist Dr. Pethó Sándor, enabling a deeper contact with our own body and with our subtle field. Gentle touches on certain areas of the body aim to obtain muscle relaxation and reach a state of tranquility and introspection, re-balancing the tone and psychic energy (psychophysical integration) and the images that result from this process.




Glaucia CBRodrigues , CRP- 06/231115-7 - Psychologist graduated from PUC-SP. He specialized in Body Approach, Jungian Psychology and Kinesiology at Instituto Sedes Sapientiae (SP). Training in Circle Dances, Folk Dance Camp at the University of the Pacific – Stockton, California (USA). Co-author of the book "Circular Dances, a proposal for education and healing".


Individual care for children, adolescents and adults using Sandplay, which is based on the psychology of CG Jung and is a non-verbal and creative method in which scenes are produced in a sandbox using water and miniatures. Through the realization of inner images, a process is triggered that leads to healing and personality development.




Alexa Leirner ,  Psicoterapeuta-Integrative Arts Psychotherapy by IATE (Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education) London.


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