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World Culture Gathering
XII International Gathering of Music and Dance from Around the World 

The participation of the following international attractions are confirmed: Alexa Candrian  (Zurich, Switzerland), with a Balkan Dance Workshop, the Argentinian dance duo Koki and Pajarin Saavedra, performers and choreographers of the film ''Zonda, Argentinian Folklore'', directed by Carlos Saura, who will be ministering an Argentinian Folk Dance and Rhythms workshop, and Mariama Camara, who'll teaches folcloric dances from Guiné Republic.

Among the national attractions, we can confirm the presence of the dancer and choreographer Rosangela Silvestre from Bahia, who will minister a workshop on the silvestre technique and the symbology of the Orixa dances; Mestre Come Barro ( Raimundo Rodrigues Borges) and Raio de Sol group from Pará, to sing, play instruments, dance and teach ''Marujada'', Saint Benedict's Revelry, Carimbó and Retumbão; the Menezes Family from Maranhão with the princesses Baião and playful singing; Santo Antônio Orchestra (from Conceição do Coitê, Bahia), Refugi Mundana Orchestra, accordionist Gabriel Levy and Samba de Roda activities.

Among the indigenous groups confirmed are the Guarani Mbyá (Santa Catarina), represented by the group Taguato Arandu, who will show the sacred sounds and hold temazcal experiences;  Xavante (Mato Grosso), who will talk about healing and dreams in their tradition, and Fulni-ô (Pernambuco), with singing and dance experiences.

There will also be a series of lectures, including the Jungian analyst Roberto Gambini, author of books such as '' Time and Voice: reflections for young therapists' and 'Indian Mirror', who will talk about ''Brazil's ancestral soul''.

The event will take place from the 18th until the 22nd of January at the Cultural Space Tangará Mirim in Imbassaí, Bahia.

Package for 5 days - until 09/30/2017 - R$ 1.000,00 (brazilian real)
Package for 5 days - from 10/01/2017 - R$ 1.200,00 (brazilian real)
Daily rate - R$ 300,00 each (brazilian real)

Room and board not included (each participant's responsibility) 

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